Menopause – why don’t they ever tell you these things?

No-one ever told me!

Ok, here’s just a short tiny rant about menopause symptoms, the rant is that no bugger ever tells you all of these things:

“Your lady garden may become sparse but your new beard will keep you busy”

The downside

Mood swings, plummeting libido, dryness – I mean everything drying out, your face, your skin, your vagina. Painful intercourse, sleeplessness (weirdly always seems to be about 3 am) which of course then leads to eternal tiredness! Weight gain that you can NEVER ever get rid of,memory mush, a journey on an emotional rollercoaster – remember puberty? Multiply it by 4!  Tears for no reason, anger; like red-hot fury anger possibly never felt before, coldness – I don’t mean physical I mean a detachment from the things that bound you before. It’s no surprise so many women walk out on their men around this time. Hair loss – maybe not on your head although not quite as full and healthy as previously if you were lucky, but you don’t need to trim your legs anymore and if you still are a lady garden pruner, however you may now grow a lovely beard! there are challenges on the way 😉

The upside

Finally a couple of positive ones; emotional strength; for the first time possibly you feel you own the world and serenity, yes it does come later but it is worth it.

I am sure I have forgotten some (memory mush) but these were my main ones.

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