Selfies and Glasses


Bloody glasses – bloody selfies.

At a certain age — the need for glasses kicks in. In my case it was when I was about 16. I have always be quite naffed off about this. On the one hand they can look cute, they also give you something to hide behind, but as your eyes get worse, life gets more difficult!  Now maybe it’s natures way of being kind.  You get showered, dried off, dressed, hair done and then in a super happy mood go to put your face on.  Out comes the magnifying mirror and FFS!  Where the hell did that hair come from? When did those lines appear, how the hell can my eyes be so puffy?  I suppose the only up side, is that hopefully the significant other you are with has eyes that are going down the toilet at the same rate, possibly they think you are still as stunning as you were ten years ago? Well, that’s the hope.

The small print – no thank you!

Manufacturers! Seriously, are they all out to piss off anyone who is over 30? Is it just me or is the print on the back of any product getting smaller? And not only that, but silver writing on white? Dear god! The font is not even a millimetre high, how the hell is anyone supposed to read it? I used to have 20/20 vision, but I also wasn’t buying expensive products to protect and beautify, now I am I am not sure I’m using them how the manufacturer actually wanted me to.

Be who you want to be not what others want to see.  Amira Fraga 2013

Taking selfies with glasses

So, this leads me neatly into taking selfies. Doesn’t make any odds what age you are, the opportunity / necessity still arises at times to take a selfie. But try focussing, getting the right pose with glasses on and then of course you have to take them off for the actual pic, and then you have to put them back on to see it and see what a total pile of crap the pic is. It just ends up being a battle of wills, that snap with a natural smile, not really knowing whether you are gurning or smiling until you get the specs back on. But then … what is this with bloody selfies all over. Cue next rant.

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