Selfies? Seriously why?

selfie glassI’m not quite sure when selfies became the thing. I know ten years ago a selfie was – well probably best not to go there. But taking a photo of yourself was just seen as totally vain. Not that we didn’t do it of course, but there was some kind of embarrassment about it.  Now… look on almost any instagram page and there are streams of exactly the same person posing in nearly always the same pose (because that’s their best pose).  One of my friends always seems to take them looking up his nose for some reason (we’ve tried telling him it does him no favours). Another always a straight face, and a pout. Both always serious.  Yet both of them are the best fun, scooting with laughs when with them.

I want validation!

The thing is, and it worries me, is that it all seems like everyone is trying to be validated. On Facebook, someone posts a new profile pic. They get 56 likes and everyone says ‘So gorgeous’.  They then change it again a few days or weeks later, and this time only 26 people comment.  You watch them go into meltdown. Don’t you like my hair? Have I put on weight? Is everyone ignoring me? 

So what is this saying? Are we just more obviously vain than before? Have we all gotten totally superficial?

We’ve got a big problem.

I looked at the newspaper and magazine rack the other day. On the front of some papers was the devastating story of the possibility of 700 drowned trying to get to safety. And right next to this information was equally attention grabbing ‘Katie Price and her cellulite nightmare’. Seriously Huston – we have a problem.



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