Is this the Destruction of the Labour Party

The definition of wisdom is having experience, one presumes by learning from it.

Therefore it would probably be fair to say the Labour Party has no wisdom to call upon.  How else could this ridiculous coup or ‘chicken coup’ as it is now being called, be explained, as they certainly are not learning by experience.

Just two short weeks ago, this country voted to take us out of a union we have been in for 43 years.  The resulting decision has rent the country in two, pitting families, colleagues and friends against each other.  The result has left the Conservative party without a leader. The two main protagonists of the Brexit vote have resigned (or run away depending on one’s point of view).

What has appeared to become clear since the result was announced is that almost no person actually thought this would happen.  Some say it was caused by immigration, some wanted the country to have its sovereignty back, but many have said they voted this way because they have been forgotten. They don’t get listened to. They aren’t in the Westminster bubble, they aren’t on Murdoch’s payroll, they have paid the price for austerity, they have more than their fair share of immigration affecting their local economy, but the base answer is they just aren’t listened to by those in power.

And then we come to the Labour Party. The party who fight against inequality, who fight for the little man, who fight for fairness, the party who care.  Except it appears they are little different to the rest of the big Westminster bubble, because they just aren’t listening.

Last September the vast majority of the Labour Party members voted in huge numbers for Jeremy Corbyn to be the leader of the party.  A man who is not like all the others, he doesn’t appear to be a careerist. He does seem to care. He has been at the forefront of fighting against so many of the inequalities that have been foisted on the public in recent years, and in so many cases where he has rebelled he has been proven right.

The 170 labour MPs who have resigned, who have said they can’t work with him, some saying they aren’t where they are to represent the members, say he is not a leader, and want him to step down. No matter that so many have said they want him as their leader. No matter that when you check Facebook there are numerous groups supporting him. There are easily over 100 groups on Facebook supporting Jeremy Corbyn at last count. Check Angela Eagle? just 4 all against her 😉

So, labour party, don’t listen to the people who are members, destroy the labour party, assign it to obscurity so you can stay a centre left party while your members are telling you overwhelmingly that they want a party that is on the left.

This is going to be a very interesting next couple of weeks.

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