Make Up Vloggers

Vacuous! There I said it!

Come on, one or two are professional and reasonably entertaining, but what is it with all these jump on the bandwagon "I have a camera and some make up – I am therefore a budding celebrity".  Their credentials are zero, their personality generally zero, and the information imparted? you guessed it – zero.

On a much deeper level I feel it is all very worrying. Celebrity blah show – the people on them are not celebrities – not A list, B list or even C list, but friends of C list.  And we entertain ourselves with that. That is worrying. There is so much going on in the world, there is so much real talent, yet it seems like we are content to sit and swill beer, scoff down crisps and watch friends of C list celebs do inane stuff.

It's worrying – or at least it should be.

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