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February 2018

Friday rooftop thinking

Sitting here in a roof terrace, espresso, call to prayer ringing out. Smell of wood smoke, jasmine and exotic life. Warmth and colour, freedom and life milling all around below, it’s easy to believe you have all the possibilities in life available to you. But…

Not easy to not want a cig when the entire world around you smoke and you are staying in the most perfect place to sit outside with cold beer and cigarette! Damn giving up, should’ve waited till after Marrakech.

Quick Reference for Myself.

charley’s Travel Map

So I’ve been to: Belgium, Burkina Faso, Benin, Switzerland, Egypt, France, UK, Ghana, Gambia, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, India, Italy, Japan, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Mali, Mauritania, Malta, Mauritius, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Senegal, Togo, Thailand and the U.S.A. I know there are a couple more I can’t think of at the moment, but that’ll do to be going on with.

Blame the Cat

I love seeing, feeling and experiencing new places, tastes, smells and sounds. I get bored quite quickly, I can do a lot of repetitive things and then something goes snap and I need something new.  I have lived and visited some fabulous places in my life and thought I would like to add them to the blog. It is generally when I’m in one of these places I have ideas for writing.  In fact, this very blog came from a thought when I was looking at this cat,  So, in a way, it is all down to this cat that Charley Speakes exists on WordPress.

Social Media or Social Marketing – Part Two

In “Social Media or Social Marketing” part one I wrote about the people who do it, or better worded, the people other people think should do it, and a few of the traits necessary to do it.

So this leads on to another direction to discuss. What exactly is Social Media? It seems very much to me that over the last few years that has changed massively. I don’t feel it is Social Media now but Marketing Media. There is a big difference.

I shall explain:

I went out with a man. He was an artist. He was an okay artist, a bit too lazy to ever become anything. He believed the world owed him something. A couple of weeks into the relationship, we were out with some friends (of mine), he invited them back to his house for a nightcap. He then pulled out some of his pictures and started trying to sell them to my friends. To say ‘awkward’ is a massive understatement. I was furious. The minute the friends left I told him off. He did not understand what the problem was, he never did. We didn’t last long after that.

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Life is now, anything else is a plan, memory or regret.

Social Media or Social Marketing – Part One

Who Should Do It?

So in my job I have responsibility for the Social Media of the company. It’s not a particularly large company, was a smallish family business that got bought out. About 5 years ago I suggested to the powers that be the place should have a blog and as there was no one else who knew much about it or was interested it kinda came down to me. I had been doing the social media for my own small business for about 5 years and had learned a lot, not exactly an expert but certainly better than most non-experts.

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