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France just surprises me every single time I am able to spend time here.  Beauty, culture, time and space. What else can you say about France that hasn't been a said a million times. It's intense, free, restricted and liberal. Be careful what you are wearing, but drive on your own for hours without passing a car. Behave as is expected, eat between very specific times, but who cares if the President has been having an affair for years. I love how similar France is to British culture and how completely opposite it is at the same time.


Edinburgh, Scotland – so similar to England, but at the same time so very different. Different customs, culture and history. Not till the last time I visited did I finally understand why they would want to separate from the Britain.

Boston – Americans are so good with customer service, I love the way they treat you like a princess!

Lisbon, Portugal; one of the friendliest, easiest loveliest places to spend time in. Sadly I just could not get on with the food, chips and rice together just isn't right – sorry but it isn't lol.

Malta made me smile so much. So weird, like being in Italy or something but with all the idiosyncrasies of Britain: the high street shops, the red post boxes the red phone boxes, all the signs in English and the added beauty of fab weather.

Tope picture of the sunset is the Indian Ocean.

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