Hot and Spicy Noodles – 10 minutes

Had some spicy noodles out the other night at Wagamama and thought ‘how hard can it be to make this?’ 😉 I am sure to make it to their standard must be very hard, but what I threw in the pot tonight was just bloody ace and too simple for words.  So there was:

  1. a pack of stir fry veg from the supermarket (mini sweet corn, a red chili, tiny broccoli and a couple of spring onions).
  2. One mini pak choy.
  3. A couple of garlic cloves chopped
  4. Some coriander
  5. About half a pint of vegetable stock (powder)
  6. One section of egg noodles (see pic below).
  7. A pot of red Thai curry paste (optional if you really like spicy to add a bit more fire at the end) 
  • Chop it all up
  • Add boiling water to the noodles (for about 4 minutes while frying everything else)
  • Stir fry the veg for maybe 4 minutes.
  • Add the stock
  • Add the noodles
  • Add a teaspoon (a little less) of red Thai curry paste.

Serve it up.


Very happy and will be making it again through the week for the gorgeous one.

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