The Fag and the Foodie

So it’s two months now since I stopped smoking. Life has changed radically in many ways, it’s still constantly in my head, I can’t seem to shift that, but I have more time, more money and I think (could be my imagination) I can breathe more easily. I certainly smell nicer 😉

My appetite has arisen from the grave again, good? Bad? Not sure about that one, but I have recently, it seems, been on a discovery course of the senses ;-). This has led me, I think, to finding that foodie in me again.

So … Wagamama ;-).

Recently went to Wagamama – was slightly blown away by how wonderful the food was, went and checked their website today and guess what? The sweeties that they are actually give away the recipes for some of the things they make. If you put:


after their web address, the recipes pop up. I’m so happy and hungry and will be stopping on the way home to get some ingredients tonight 😉

Hope the ‘fag’ bit in the title is understood to mean cigarette as per the British way 😉


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