Finding My Pink – The Lipstick Quest

The little black dress – LBD

The perfect pink lipstick – PPL

Oh My God! It’s impossible. If you have skinny thin arse lips, finding the right pink lipstick is a mare of dinosaur proportions.

It has to be said, I am obsessive. I find a pair of jeans I like and will buy 5 pairs. I find a tee shirt I like and buy it in every available colour. I have so many green eye pencils and taupe eyeshadows it’s embarrassing. Maybe my skin is just weird, but I just cannot find the right colour, and hells bells, when I do – they go and discontinue it within 6 months.

Thank goodness for cheap.

I have bought so many, every time I find myself in town, I suddenly find myself near the lipstick counter, and am once again on the hunt. That picture above is only from a month or so ago, not like it’s a year’s worth.

Social Media or Social Marketing-5As you can see from the photo – and that isn’t all of them – there are so many that are to the naked eye duplicates but once on the skin change a bit. I was reading a blog by Girl on a Beauty Budget about red lipsticks and have to say I agree about loving the cheap option of today. And although it’s not my favourite colour I think my favourite lipstick for feel on the lips is the MUA one (from Superdrug), super cheap at £1 and very moisturised. The one thing I love is the extra bit at the bottom you can unscrew and let your friends try – that kind of gimmick always works with me 😉


I don’t know that I will ever find my favourite perfect pink, but at least it isn’t costing a fortune 😉

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