Lets Go to War

Back to politics for a moment. Just sat here watching our venerable British parliament standing around like a bunch of harpies calling for the witch to be burned.

I’m a little confused.

Here’s the latest from the Independent:

Updating MPs on the attack the Prime Minister said it is now clear the Skripals were poisoned by a military grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia

So we already knew he was a spy. A double agent. So, if that was such a problem then why wouldn’t they have bumped him off ages ago, when he defected, when he let them down. He was imprisoned in the early 2000s and has been in Britain since 2010. Odd they would suddenly pounce 8 years after arriving here? Odd they would even let him come here in the first place, but let’s say they do want him dead. Why would they do it with military grade nerve agent? For fuck’s sake if you wanted to bump someone off, why not run him over? set fire to his house? poison him with an everyday type of poison that doesn’t lead back? It just all looks very weird to me.

The most worrying thing for me, is this poking the beast. Why are we poking the Russian beast when we don’t appear to have any conclusive proof. We have a whole house accusing them, asking how we can let Russia get away with this, how can we let them host the World Cup, that Russia Today should not be allowed to broadcast. It’s craziness of the most absolutely absurd proportions. IF they are guilty – then fine, but all these accusations from a government, without the absolute proof to show the nation, is very strange. Anyone would think they were trying to distract us.

Link to the Independent article

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