Take Back Control

All or nothing

I’m one of those all or nothing, obsessive people. I know who I am and prefer to call myself passionate 😉

So 1st January I gave up smoking after more years than is decent and have managed to keep that up for more than 3 months now. As far as I’m concerned, I’m a non smoker now (just wish someone would tell my lizard brain).

From there came the move away from meat. It wasnt a conscious decision, but it pretty much looks like that’s the way we are heading. Man seems to be happy enough to tag along on this journey.

Take back control - picture of a runner at the starting block

Thought I’d give my kidneys a break and have a month off alcohol while I was at it. I know I drink way too much (I do everything too much) and have been toying with this for a while, so a dodgy tooth and double antibiotics has certainly helped put this one on the map.

My other failing, weakness, silliness? Is spending. I am the worst spendthrift in my city. If there is one X that I like, I will go and buy it in a variety of colours and sizes and materials just for good measure. So much of it never gets used or worn and gets given away it’s scary.

So – April – the month of Discipline.

No alcohol, no meat, no spending unless really necessary (ie food), and just for good measure, why not thrown in some exercise – so starting Yoga and Tai Chi 😉

See – all or nothing 😉 Watch this space.

Day one


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