What can you do about trolls? I am being trolled at the moment and am not completely sure what to do.

I share admin responsibilities of a FaceBook group (I have mentioned before). A week or so ago, I deleted a comment by one member to another that was against the rules of the group, and asked the person who had posted it to curb their language. The person in question didn’t like it. Another of the admins came in and agreed and backed me up. And since then …

OMG this woman (if it is a real person) has taken to messaging me 5 or 10 times a day, taken posts off my profile and shared them to other places saying how vile I am (Their grammar is so bad that they have in fact completely misunderstood the point of my posts. She has (according to her) contacted the work places of a couple of the other admins. Messages them numerous times a day and also shares and lies about them to other places / groups. Has actually discovered who my partner is and trolled their instagram page. On investigation this ‘person’ has numerous profiles, I have counted up to 7. None of these profiles appear to be real, as this ‘woman’ is the only one who actually like or comments on anything.

So, what can you do? I have tried reporting again and again to facebook, but if you have ever tried reporting anything to facebook, you’ll discover that it’s a pointless exercise. They keep suggesting blocking her, but if I block I won’t then be able to see what she is doing or where she is sharing my posts and stuff.

So, looking for advice or suggestions, if you have any please leave me a comment, I will be very grateful.