Breaking Up With My Devices

This time last year I stopped smoking. That was, in part, to prolong my life. This year I want my life to appear to be longer.

A short while ago something happened which shocked the heck out of me. I was recommended a film, I know me and mine decided to watch it. We went for a meal. I started thinking about it at the end of the week and had absolutely no idea whether I had watched it or not. I checked online, and yes I had paid for it. I texted mine and they said yes we had watched it. I watched the trailer and had a slight recollection of one scene. One short two second scene!

I know what happened. I had had a little (;-) to drink at the meal, I had probably gotten bored while the film was playing and took out my phone. And there it is. All life stops when looking at the phone. I belong to quite a few groups on facebook and can easily get into a ‘discussion’.

Frequently the lovely one tells me they have been talking to me for ten minutes or so and I dont respond, I dont hear, I am totally zoned out of real life.

I have a function on my phone that shows how long I spent on the phone and how many times I picked it up.

Get the fuck out of here! One day had 70 pickups. Last week I spent more than 15 hours on facebook. And that was just on my phone, I also look in the evenings on my iPad. I am losing my life.

So, I have decided to curb this stupidity once and for all.

I have bought a little note book to make notes in and doodle instead of constantly getting the phone out when waiting. I am going to be conscience and aware. I want my life back.

I’m setting up the screen time on my iPad, that will synch with the phone, this should give a really scary version, and really wake me up.

Off to update everything.

… to be continued.

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