Taking Back Control (of my social media)

So I had really good intentions for the beginning of the year to stop myself using social media quite so much, I calculated in the end that effectively I lost a day a week to social media, sounds ridiculous doesn’t it, but when you check your screen usage, and it works out at about 15 hours, so two hours a day is about 15 hours and really you are awake for say 16 hours a day so you lose a day! That’s absolutely ridiculous! that’s 52 days a year and that equals about two months. So two months a year spent completely talking to people that I don’t particularly like, that’s not quite true but say not to people that I would choose to spend time with. These are people who I have worked with in the past but I don’t associate with outside of work, my real friends, most of them are not on social media anyway. Out of something like 150 friends on Facebook I think two of them are actual friends, real friends, the rest of them are just random. On top of that, I am an admin on a politics group on FaceBook which effectively is just a group to have arguments with. People go on, someone will post one opinion, other people go on and disagree and then everyone piles in disagreeing with everybody else. My job is just to try and stop it if it gets out of hand, again more than 1000 people on the group I know about six of them just to look at, it’s a local group, I don’t know any of them particularly well.

So you end up spending evenings; hours and hours just arguing with people you don’t know, researching facts and figures to back up what you’re saying, it’s the most ridiculous thing when you look at it. So that is my new year’s resolution; to try and break up with my social media to a certain extent. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it, but it has to have a really good look at. It has to be taken control of so with the country looming towards Brexit I think it’s time with social media I took back control. Not brilliant so far, but the intention is good.

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