Lockdown Diary 30th April

I was furloughed last week. I allowed myself a week to just ‘be’ – read, clean, fanny around. I knew I needed time to come to terms with things.

I am a bit older and I have (had) a senior management position in an industry that I have worked in for about 30 years. For a while now, the company has struggled. And for the best part of 6 months it has been obvious (to me at least) that there wasn’t really a need much for my position anymore. That is what I have needed to come to terms with. I get a good enough salary, the type of salary that I know I will never find again, as I have something like 20 years seniority in the company.

So, I now look back on a life, lived well, a life where I took a lot of chances, and had some fantastic experiences. And I wonder what next?

Financially I am not stable. I have lived abroad for quite a bit of my time on earth, I have never paid into a pension scheme and don’t really have any savings. I am not brilliant with money. I was given some and invested it, but invested it badly.

So things are starting to unfog a bit. I have 2 more days to sit and think and then its time I believe for me to start ‘Do’ing instead of ‘Be’ing.

Of course, me being me, before anything is crystallised I have bought a couple of domain names and bought a little bit of tech that might help – what with? who knows – honestly? I just wanted it.

Off for my daily cycle.

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