Lockdown Diary 04.05.20

I’m feeling quite excited today. Not sure how long this will last.  I had a little bit of a breakthrough over the weekend – where things started to become a little clearer.  I had ordered off amazon a silly little piece of kit – a gadget – I love gadgets.  In my head, this was a little bit of an investment in my future (or any other excuse to spend a bit of money on something so unnecessary.

The RoWrite– it’s a smart notepad that you write by hand on – onto paper and then you can upload it to your computer. It’s quite cute. So you turn it on, using the pen you can see in the middle start writing on the pad and then sync it with your device and it’s now on the computer. It will do OCR if you want it to and it also captures a video of your writing. I feel it will be really useful – just can’t put my finger on how at the moment 😉

Click picture for video

If you click on either picture you can see a quick video example. Below is how it looked changed into text (OCR) which can then be cut and pasted into whatever.

clip of text

Yesterday I also got reacquainted with Evernote.

UntitledI’d forgotten how much I like it.


I think this week will have to be the research week; which applications will work, should I join an agency site or do my own website? How to organise all the material (hence finding Evernote again – it looks very promising).

I am using my blog here to reacquaint myself with a lot of things.

  • Plan for the week:
  • Check out the agency sites and web site builders.
  • How much material have I got
  • How much will I need
  • Make a Matrix.
  • What’s the competition
  • Get these points into a more accessible and organised order.

Phew – think it’s lunchtime now.

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