Lockdown Diary May 05 2020


Yesterday seemed really productive – today? not quite so.

I decided to completely change my workspace around – I have been staring into a black space of wall and nothingness for the longest time, and the thought that this might end up being my new work-life if things don’t go back to normal felt quite depressing. So I have moved the computer station over to the other side of the room (which in turn meant everything else had to be moved one to the left. I am now sitting by an open door and have fresh air coming in. (If truth be told my back door opens into a catio so it still looks a little prison-like but at least it is fresh air.

When I was updating everything on the devices yesterday another ‘managing’ app caught my eye. I think I am going to have another look for it and see how it compares to Evernote. I’m not wedded to Evernote, but then I haven’t really crystalised my ideas, so there is still plenty of slack that can be pulled up.

I’m planning on starting a coaching website but also am still toying with finishing a book I started a couple of years ago. This house is really just a trillion projects that all need finishing before I breathe my last.

Off to rest my poor back after shunting around all the furniture. (You know what it’s like – move furniture and get out the cleaning stuff to get rid of all the dust bunnies you have missed over the months.


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