Lockdown Diary May 07 2020

Are you a self-starter? Once you get an idea in your head do you get on and make it happen or sit and think about it for ages?

Self-starter? me? No.  The one thing I have prided myself on for most of my adult life is that I’m quite decisive and I take action. I can procrastinate but once I get an idea I put it into action. Or so I thought. My goodness, I am so frustrated with myself.

It is true I couldn’t start this morning as I had a hospital appointment, that took the morning. When you are home just having a shower, breakfast and an appointment takes half a day. When you work you shove these things into little pockets.

I then stopped at the supermarket but there was a huge queue so decided against it, had lunch and then sat and thought.

I had more sorting out my computer and files, tidied up files, deleted a bunch of stuff. Fair enough as my email box was full and I had a warning. And suddenly it was mid-afternoon. Time for a drink.

I ‘invested’ in a dance course yesterday, as I have the flabbiest tummy this side of a nightmare. I have put on a stone (14 lbs) during this lockdown. That took 45 minutes to set up and now I am writing this and that effectively is the day over again.

This is how I feel

That’s fine. I did actually get one document written ready for my online course, so I am reasonably happy with that. I think it’s a bit like doing a final assignment – once you get some words down you start moving.

I think it’s time for a break now and all systems go tomorrow.


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