Lockdown Diary May 08 2020 / VE Day

Today is VE Day. Quite a momentous day in Europe for so many people. As they say, we stand on the shoulders of giants. And when we compare ourselves with what was happening 75 years ago its quite striking what a bunch of tossers many of us are.

I argue about politics with a few people on social media and its fascinating.

A post I saw today had such diverse comments on it from the whole Covid19 thing is a conspiracy, take the tin foil off your head, to we should have imposed much stronger fines as other countries had done. The lockdown should have happened earlier, there was never a need for a lockdown. The lockdown should be lifted now, the lockdown should go on till September.

There is no way a government would ever be able to get this right in the eyes of the country.

I wonder if this is what it was like during the war for Churchill?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it is very simple once hindsight has kicked in to make all sorts of judgements, but when you are at that point prior to hindsight, the place where you have to use all your skill and judgement and not really know how it will turn out. To try and assess all the risks known, but of course not be able to assess to unknown risks.

I, as anyone who has had an even cursory glance at this blog will know, am an avowed leftie. It hurts me to have to defend the government but I have been finding myself do just that for the last few weeks.

So what now? I am trying to make myself do things useful. I have spoken to some of my other colleagues who have been furloughed, who are in similar boats. Not sure what on earth we are going to do at the end of this. Do we try and make our own businesses? Do we try and get jobs where we aren’t really trained? Do we retrain?

Who on earth has a clue what the future will hold?

But in the meantime, this blog at the moment at least is keeping me even slightly on track – slightly – a little, not much, or maybe it’s just a distraction 😉


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