Charley Speakes in Lockdown visually ;-)

So I managed to autoplay it and have just this second figured out the loop option (I think). Just wish I hadn’t added the music – it is really irritating lol. Mmmm Looks like it didn’t work after all – back to the drawing board.

This is the little programme from Doodly that has been bashing me over the head on the hour every hour on Facebook. Somehow it knew that I love these sort of things and I actually lay in bed awake trying to decide whether to get this ‘one time only for a very limited time’ special offer.

I have used a very similar programme before at my works and it is true that for the price it is incredible value. My company paid half my one-time price every month.  So this is for my new website that I am slowly getting organised – in my head ;-).

Right back to bed. This was done at 6am on a Sunday morning – purely because I couldn’t sleep. That is probably me now done for until lunchtime.

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