Colour – Colour Me Happy

With this lockdown, being inside when it is dreary and grey outside is not always the easiest. I have been pulling the blinds and turning on the main light at 3.30 and 4pm – that is ridiculous. So doodling and playing and adding some colour has really lifted my spirits. I love using fine liners, reminds me of being a kid and using a black biro and colouring inside the lines. So at the moment I am switching between using fine line markers, and waterproof ones, watercolour brush pens and water colours. I am noticing quite a difference in quality in the colours. I’ll point it out in a later post. I’ve been told its because of the quality of the watercolours, but in fact the brighter ones were the cheaper ones. And it also has to be said that the brush pens are not all the same strength or quality. Anyway – hey ho, here’s some colour đŸ˜‰

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