Write Me Happy – Playing with Calligraphy

So, as I said the other day, this is all about paper. Another of my passions – although this is new, is calligraphy. It’s something I have always admired and tried to do similar to. But because I never actually researched I didn’t realise there was actually a specific way to do it. So I have tried teaching myself and bought a bunch of books, a few of which have been really helpful. Of course, I have ALL the supplies, of course, I do. Because if there is an interest that needs supplies, I’m on it like fleas. I have nowhere to put all my stuff. Sometimes I just sit looking at it all, like a kid in a sweetshop

Because of lockdown, there is no strolling around shops it’s just Amazon really. Online researching then check over to see if Amazon has the stuff. I must have spent an absolute fortune in the last 6 months on Amazon.

Anyway, that is another story. So, today’s show and tell is calligraphy.

At the moment I am following an online course. This one I actually paid for. I am not sure why, but since lost I my job and need to allow myself to feel valued. It’s worked for me. It wasn’t cheap. It was loads cheaper than all those get rich quick courses that are being advertised on Facebook and Youtube. This person appears to have been very successful with her calligraphy endeavours. Rather than show you how to ‘do’ stuff the course is actually how to figure stuff out for yourself. So these are my ‘at the beginning’ bits. It’ll be interesting to see how it improves (fingers crossed).

Our initial project was to write a quote and to make some ink. This ink colour for me was the most unappealing in the pack, I didn’t want to waste the good stuff. However now I have made it, I have to say I think it looks wonderful.

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