A Year in Watercolours

Many years ago I played around with watercolours, but if I am honest I was ‘colouring in’ really, not actually using them how they were supposed to be used.

I went to evening classes to learn painting and drawing. I enjoyed learning about perspective and having the opportunity of ‘life drawing’ but got very frustrated by how I was pushed into painting in a style I didn’t like or appreciate.

Fast forward many years and here I find myself in a different period in my life. And this week I decided to challenge myself to really learn how. I don’t know if I have any talent or skill or anything, I do know however, that I thoroughly enjoy playing with paints and pens and pencils.

I have therefore decided that for the next year (and possibly more) I am going to seriously study art as though I was a student at college. I can’t afford college, but we have the internet now.

This week I have had a great time playing with inks and colour theory.

I have some black and sepia ink for my calligraphy so thought i have a go at seeing how they worked with a paint brush.

So that was fun, and I like the idea of trying things out monochrome first to see the values.

Then I joined some site called Craftsy that on facebook was offering lifetime access for virtually nothing, and while not everything on there appeals to me, there was one course that I have really enjoyed this week and that was learning colour theory.

Firstly, my lovely husband for my birthday bought me some Winsor Newton Cotman paints, and I wanted to see what greens I could make and made myself a chart.

It’s great isn’t it. I realise there is so much more that could be noted, like adding water and making lighter etc but I was just so blown away by it all.

Then on this course this lady explained about Split Primaries, Tertiaries and Neutrals, and finally finally, I think I have got it. The difference between warm and cool yellow, blue and red and what happens when you mix them. First chart is the colour chart of the primaries and the second is the split primary wheel.

So that’s where I am this week. Thoroughly enjoying myself. After many many years, I am finally playing for fun, instead of trying to make money.

Apologies about the long line of photos, I realised last week that the gallery view doesn’t necessarily work on some browsers, so am playing around a bit at the moment to try and figure it out.

Resources – thanks to:

The sites and courses I have enjoyed picking bits up from this week:



Linsey at the Postmans Knock

Anthony at Watercolouraffair:


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