Finally, a solution to my calligraphy woes

When it comes to my calligraphy, I get very frustrated. I have so many books, I have so much equipment, inks, stuff. I have followed so many course and it just won’t come out of my fingers the way it works in my head.

Until a day or so ago I would always always have the shakes on my thin lines. Drove me nuts.

written and painted.
written, painted and doodled.

Bear in mind in this course that I am following we have made our own alphabet. I can copy an alphabet reasonably ok, but my own? the one I created I ended up hating with a passion. Then I decided to change it. So I lost a week of practice and came up with my new alphabet. And in the process realised something I have been getting wrong.

Drafting what you want first with a pencil makes all the difference. I tried to do a get well soon card a while ago. 8 yes EIGHT cards got thrown away in the attempt. Draft it in in pencil and hey presto, it’s centred, the little bits that are so easy to forget (the loop size, the flick here or there etc. So, finally finally, I came up with something that I was happy with. My own new alphabet and no massively glaring mistakes. I know its not perfect, but that isn’t the point, it’s acceptable (smile).

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