With all this lockdown and never seeing anyone, it can get a bit quiet? lonely? silent? I was feeling it a bit recently and was playing around and discovered blue and gold!. Not any blue but a deep intense blue. The palette I was using at the time didn’t have names for the colours but it is very similar to the Windsor and Newton intense blue.

You can see from this what a lovely colour it is.

So first I tried out some blue and gold leaves and was a bit blown away by how pretty the colours went with each other.

You can’t really get the effect of the gold when it reflects, but even without it, it is still pretty.

And then I just had an afternoon of free playing. I’m not sure which way up this goes, it reminds me of something different each way it is, but I do like it.

That’s it really for today. Can’t say I have much to say, just feeling a bit quiet, maybe I’ve forgotten how to communicate.