Pebbles and Sand

I’m trying to really learn how to do watercolours properly. I am following a few people online and have bought a couple of books. With the lockdown and the money situation at the moment, it’s not really possible to do much else.

So to start was washes and pebbles. and then I tried a small seascape.

First up:


For this one, I completely followed the instructions and was thrilled with the outcome. I loved doing the sand, splattering away, but it was really time-consuming. At the time I didn’t have any tube paint so it did take some time to get enough paint to do the background. But it looks great doesn’t it – I’m happy anyway.

Then I tried to do it again, without following any instructions. Not as good but was happy enough.

It’s ok, next I want to do a pile of pebbles. The problem is time, that’s all.

Then I tried to do a seascape following all the instructions for washes etc. Not brilliant. I tried it twice and wasn’t really happy with either of them, but hell was I pissed off with one particular thing!

The people! On scrap practice paper they were okay. Not fantastic, but ok. But when I tried to do them on the beach, they were utter shite. I realised why the second time. You need a really opaque paint, as being watercolour it just shows thru. Maybe even acrylic I suppose.

To be revisited in the future.

Back to washes, I have been doing these for friggin months now and still they are shite. Can you see my horizon on the left pic? That ‘really rough sea’? that’s where the masking tape lifted up – I’m so sloppy!.

That’s it for today 😉


    • Thank you. It’s true about us being the worst critics. I got some washi tape yesterday- wondering if that will be any better 🙂

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