Staying by the sea

These last few weeks I’ve been really trying to understand techniques rather than just churn things out. And wanted to try different types of paper. The one thing my budget really doesn’t want to extend to is 100% cotton, although I do have a couple of pads, I just keep shying away from it. A bit like keeping your best clothes for best – and then in the end they get thrown out never having been worn lol, I am very aware of that.

So, staying with a sea theme, I had a go at sea – yeah right. Really it was just playing with washes. Different tutorials offer different styles, I’m not sure – obviously what mine is or what I prefer.

First up are the water washes with the boats.

The first one shows dark water and a dusk sky. I really liked that. The others were a single boat with a reflection and then I played around with using the same type of sky and also tried rough paper.

Using cold press paper
Using rough paper
Using rough paper and a night time sky again.

So I think I have tried enough of this picture for the time being, It’s not really a subject that sings to me anyway, although I need to live by the sea with the horizon in sight.

I think I fancy trying a looser style. That’s the next go.

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