Floppy Flowers or Looser Watercolours

What I really want is to actually follow a course, but it’s impossible to find one that doesn’t just repeat the same stuff – supplies, colour mixing, colour wheel, blah blah. Following tutorials is all well and good but once you’ve finished you are finished. If anyone knows a good online watercolour course that won’t break the bank, please let me know. Thing is I don’t know what to consider myself as anymore. I’m not a back to zero beginner but I’m not intermediate either.

Anyway – so, moving on to flowers. I wanted to try something a little more colourful and a bit looser so tried poppies. Was also trying out different papers. I bought some khaki paper just to see what it was like – it’s like blotting paper lol.

They are ok, but not brilliant, but I did enjoy sloshing paint around.

So this first one is the khaki paper – 300 gsm but sucks paint and water up like a vacuum cleaner.

Next I tried better paper but ended up with red donuts on green sticks lol.

Thing is once it’s dried I can see where I went wrong. So had another go:

A bit better, maybe too sloshy with no purpose. So tried a field scene, and again I can see the problem, not enough greenery, which I suppose I could go back and fix, but have kinda lost interest in poppies now lol.

So that’s the poppy thing done for a little while. I will come back to it, but need to try something else.

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