With a Cherry on Top

Staying with bright, vibrant reds and nature, I have to say I was delighted with my cherry picture. I followed a tutorial from Kerrie Woodhouse, who has a style I really love. I saw an advert on Instagram. She is also a charming lady and responds very kindly with constructive advice.

So I have lots of different paper types, as I kept listening to everyone who all give different advice ;-). I have a bunch of pads of 300 gsm and then wasn’t sure about the surface, whether hotpressed, cold-pressed or rough, so of course, I had to get all of those as well. Then the advice turned towards 100% cotton. So it was utterly crucial to try that. So here are the cherries on different types of paper. The two were in my journal – which is a watercolour journal from Arteza – 300 gsm. When I had tried it a couple of times, I tried the cherries on 100% cotton paper. The problem is when something costs more, and you aren’t very good, you won’t use the good stuff. (Saving the Sunday best again). Anyway, I love this whooshy loose bright style – it did make me happy just painting.

painted on 300 gsm

And then this is my best I think, this one was on the cotton.

On 300 gsm 100% cotton.

Just look at all that splatter and slosh and colour.

Now I am a bit lost on what to do, to paint. I can’t find a course with all the stuff I want to learn; I just keep finding beginners courses, which I have done repeatedly. Ah well – YouTube!!!!


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