Charley Speakes

Playing with Paper – watercolour, doodling, calligraphy and quilling.


May 2021

White Flowers or Fried Eggs

It's just extraordinary the effect. I tried it twice as the first one; while I loved the outcome.

Skillshare – Skills Galore

The odd thing is I don't really know what I want to paint until I'm painting, and then I don't want to stop. I am determined to understand these techniques, so if it doesn't go how I want in the first place, I will try and try again.

Home Made Watercolour Palette

I made sure I had a damp cloth and that my hands were super clean. I used an old wine bottle (without the labels) to roll ...

Learning Skills – at Last

On skillshare however, you can choose by a specific skill and by a level. This I love. I can't go to college to study (who can now), so this way feels the next best thing.

A Great Big Melting Pot

So I have been fannying around, going from YouTube tute to YouTube tute. I have paid for a few classes, some excellent, some total pants. Kerrie Woodhouse - brilliant - if you want to know the utter pants rubbish one, write to me and I'll let you know 😉

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