So I have been fannying around, going from YouTube tute to YouTube tute. I have paid for a few classes, some excellent, some total pants. Kerrie Woodhouse – brilliant – if you want to know the utter pants rubbish one, write to me and I’ll let you know 😉

(If you want to know why I ask myself what the point is, because of the main pictures? read at the bottom (laugh out loud – very loud).

It’s about techniques

The thing is, I want to learn technique and increase my skills, not just paint a picture like Tom, Dick or Harry. I had enrolled in a course and then on the first day realised I already knew and had done all those parts fifty times, and very kindly the person running it gave me my money back.

I used some of that money to get a bunch of books from Amazon, some of which are fab, some not quite so good, but I do have a nice little art library now.


Then while following one of the people I follow on YouTube, I saw they gave an affiliate link and discount to SkillShare. I had seen it a couple of times and was interested, but not sure, and resistant to spending any more money on classes. But with a 40% discount, the first-year cost only £40. A whole year of classes!

The course I had just got refunded was £180 back – and that was for six weeks. (Have you notice how all courses now are in quantities of 97. $497, $797 £1097?? Some little marketing person must have worked out that not only are you always ‘excited’ about your course, so you waffle on about it for 16 pages before ever getting to the price. Then eventually, you get to the price; it’s always a combination of this. I digress lol

So, this next week, I am starting Skillshare in an organised fashion. I’m going to park up a few pictures that I have been playing around with recently, as I use this blog as my progress book. Then after that, we’ll see how Skillshare goes – I have high hopes 😉

This and the following two were a tute from Kerrie Woodhouse. Loved doing it, but could get colours that I liked to work. Loose as you like, and first time trying a glass vase. Loved the shadows and sloshes.
This and the following two were trying out a bunch of new techniques, wash away, (painting and then putting it under the tap after, salt, bleeding cauliflower and backwash and scratching and painting out with a blade.
Sloshy fur, really enjoyed doing this.
Galaxy whale (and my cat) again sploshing around with super bright colours and bleeding. Using resist and then white pen. Using such bright colours really lifts my soul.

There we go. But the funniest thing is the picture right at the top, the main blog pic, was just me using my watercolour water to rinse my calligraphy dip pen in. It got more likes on Instagram than any of my pictures lol – so really – what’s the point.

Maybe I should just mix ink and water in future.