So, a couple of weeks ago, I joined Skillshare. Up to now, I have been following books and YouTube tutorials. It has just felt, though, that you are learning to paint ‘that picture’. ‘Follow along while I paint poppies’ or ‘Paint a scene with me’. I realise you are supposed to take out of these bits and pieces of skills, but that hasn’t really worked so much for me.

On Skillshare, however, you can choose by a specific skill and by level. This I love. I can’t go to college to study (who can now), so this way feels the next best thing. I can make my own curriculum. I have picked a ton of skills I want to learn, different areas, flowers, landscapes, animals, and have them all lined up.
To start with, I wanted to understand negative painting. The following were types I did for this – not brilliant, but enough for me.

watercolour with negative painting
watercolour with negative painting
watercolour with negative painting

I know they are not brilliant, but the thing is, I get the idea now and know where I could use them if I want to.
Next was just very loose watercolours and doodling. Again not brilliant, but great fun and loosened me up a lot.

Loose florals
Loose watercolour and doodling

The second one (above) was great as I really couldn’t get it, then suddenly it made sense. And kinda showed how you can make something out of nothing.
After this, it got really excellent. I’ll put them in the next post, really pleased with how things went after this. Speak very soon.