Oh my word, I LOVE skillshare. I feel I am getting to grips now with what I want to do. As I say, I painted many years ago (I will do a post with some of my old stuff), but it’s been such a very long time that I just don’t know.
The odd thing is I don’t really know what I want to paint until I’m painting, and then I don’t want to stop.
I am determined to understand these techniques, so if it doesn’t go how I want in the first place, I will try and try again.
It looks like this month, at least, my goal is flowers.

I tried my hand at this bouquet and wasn’t sure with the first, so I did it again and then wanted to try it on different paper.
I realise I love mixed media, and the addition of a bit of line drawing made me like it even more, and it appealed to my ‘fiddling around’ nature.
I have to say this, and a few more of the ones to come were from a Skillshare class by
Camilla Damsbo Brix

I love her style.

The funny thing is now, whereas I wasn’t particular delighted in the bouquets and kept doing them, now I have uploaded them, I am not actually sure which order I did them in or which I prefer now. (without checking).

This was the final attempt on hot press 100% cotton paper.
2nd attempt 100% cotton cold press paper.
This was the first one, not done on cotton paper but in my journal. (cold press paper)