At the moment it’s flowers. White flowers really intrigue me. I’ve tried a few, but white flowers on white paper, a tiny bit of grey paint? So far has alluded me.

White Flowers and Ink

So then I tried another flower, which was white; not so pleased with it, but sure I’ll revisit that.

Feels very overworked, but it’s a white flower at least.

Cling Film

Then came something I am now totally in love with. Cling film!

Putting a bunch of paint down and then covering it with cling film and hey presto – magic.
It’s just extraordinary the effect. I tried it twice as the first one; while I loved the outcome, I thought the flower looked like a blob of custard. The next one I was pleased with. So I attempted to have another go but change the background, using salt. It was ok, but not at nice as the previous one. But once again – skills!

Just wrong ha ha – Can’t decide if it looks like a gummy sweet fried egg or a volcano.

This I was pleased with.

Salted Green

I wanted to have another go, and this time decided to do a similar background but with salt. Its ok, but I like the previous one better.

Salt background

That’s it for not, take care.