Flower Power and Me

When I started (or should I say restarted) playing with watercolours, I knew I wanted to paint but wasn’t really sure what to paint. So, I set myself a very loose plan. The first part was Leaves and Doodling. Then came trying to learn about colour and colour theory. After that, I looked at a bit of perspective and some seascapes. Then came flowers. Now flowers seem to have taken up a lot of attention.
There is something quite lovely about Flowers. So here is a post that ties up the flowers for the time being.

Blossom and Daisies

I loved playing with cherry blossom, so I painted a few of these. I love adding ink as well and went to town a bit with ink.
After that came daisies. I went a bit over the top with the ink and removed one of the pictures from this pile as it was really dire. But I reckon you have to have massive fails to go forward.


I was keen to paint a magnolia and had previously got a few books with plants and flowers, so I put my brush to it. It’s a bit overworked, but I’m pretty happy with it, not deliriously, but quite. I do actually wish I’d left the inking off, but you can’t take it back.

Then on a Sunday afternoon, I just wanted to play. I thought this was total crap, but weirdly, this got the highest Instagram likes – how mad is that

Scrappy Sunday Afternoon Doodle

Blooing lovely - flowers and blossoms and stuff.

Anyway, for a short bit, that’s the flowers done.

Credit for the techniques taught where relevant are given on Instagram with the accompanying pictures.

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