Bits and Pieces

A bit of a round up

Dewdrops! Finally! I finally learned how to paint dewdrops. They may not set the world alight, but I’m thrilled to know how to do this now.

Flowery Whale

Isn’t he great? This was a combination of masking fluid for the leaves and flowers and cling film for the watery background. Oh, and a bit of scraping for the lines on his throat?

My Fude

(Pronounce Fooday if you don’t know 😉 – (Ever the teacher eh!)

And then finally, my new Fude pen. I watched a guy on Instagram who loves his; he does architectural stuff mainly and was slightly blown away by it. I bought one, fell in love with it, and it stopped working 😉 I had no idea if I did anything wrong, but it was massively frustrating as my target is to ink sketch every day.
So I ordered a different brand – Sailor, and it’s epic.

The sketch with the flower was a 2-minute scrappy watercolour sketch and then inking. It was an excellent idea. Then the pen broke. The other one arrived, and I made this comparison with the lines. The fact that you can get this much difference in line width from one pen is what I love.
Anyway, the first pen is on its way back to the seller. Sadly.

Credit for the techniques taught where relevant are given on Instagram with the accompanying pictures.

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