Ink to Paint

Not been here for a month or so as life got in the way. I’m looking forward to catching up with all the people I follow to see what they’ve been getting up to.

I have tried to ensure I did do something pretty much each day and one of the things I have enjoyed doing is inking. I started to try a little system where I would only give myself one minute to draw the item, then again and again, and then give myself 3 minutes. It was a way to try and get muscle memory working, it did actually seem to help. ( I think).

I have posted below some examples and then their form in paint.

I know I have so far to go and am trying to focus on the process rather than get frustrated, but it’s not always that easy to be sensible ;-).

It’s so irritating to know what you want to see on the paper, but not have the skill to ensure it get’s there, the way you want.

Ah well, onwards and upwards.

Hoping all you and yours are happy and healthy.


  1. Sue 🙂 What fun I’m having catching up on your blog, reading about your art journey. Thank you for being you and showing the accomplishments as well as the difficulties along the way to help people see they don’t need to be perfect. Now I’m subscribed I hope you continue 😁
    ~ (Kel🖤) 🤗🤗


    • OMG! You are so lovely!! I started this when I was very angry at my place of work, at the big boss at the time. I since lost that job lol, hence being able to spend so much time on painting now. You might be able to see why I didn’t put my real name originally but my cats’. Mind I may have deleted the more angry posts once I left. No one I know, knows about the blog 🙂
      I’ve let it lapse a bit, thank you for reminding me!


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