Hare style in Watercolour

Ok cheesy title, I’ll accept that.

One of the first animals I painted that I was really happy with was a hare. I tried to avoid them originally a bit as it seems ‘everyone’ paints hares, highland cattle and foxes. I understand why – they are such glorious buggers to paint. Each have their challenges, but they are such fun.

first attempt at a hare

So, from my first hare,I was happy enough but never totally thrilled (are we ever?). I wanted a very colourful hare but felt these ones looked too much like nursery pictures.

nursery hare
my minimal rabbit

I wanted to try to feel I had his form completely so I started with ink line drawing. I was really quite pleased with these, I used walnut ink and then black fine liners. I finally felt I was getting somewhere.

walnut ink
black fine liner

From here I decided to do a black and white wash study.


black wash

I now felt happier to move onto colour.

colourful wash
colourful wash number 2

I finally felt happy with them, and in fact like the whole series.

I used to do this years ago, but lost the habit.

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