Exciting News (for me at least)

A gadzillion years ago I used to sell my art.  I have now had a year to get my skills back up to date, and so have decided to try and sell again.

I have joined Art Gallery, and while I’m waiting for my packing and printing supplies I just have a few pictures on there, but will be posting more.  I am also going to put prints on Etsy. I have a shop from when I was silversmithing, so will transition over to prints. I’m checking out the options at the moment.

These are the three pictures I have on Art Gallery at the moment:

First is my Blue Hare. (click here to see).  I like being able to see what it would look like in a room as well, so am very grateful to Artstage the app. There are lots and lots of options for more beautiful backgrounds, but I decided to keep with just one as my background (it’s also free ;-).

Next is:

Actually its not exactly this hare, its one very very similar but with very pink cheeks, but I haven’t edited it for the web for today 😉 Hey ho. (Click here to see)

And finally is my curious fox:

Fox Curiously. I can’t make up my mind if I prefer him long or square, but both options are possible. (My lovely man reckons its better square, but I think I like him long). click here to see.

Anyway, so the originals are for sale on ArtGallery. And I am waiting for prints and they will go on Etsy. I suppose I could put a little shop part to this blog, but having been down that road before, with selling online, I’m not sure I have the energy to keep on top of a website – that is what I am loving so much about painting, is disconnecting from the web.

Would love to hear your comments. If it’s critiscm then only constructive please, otherwise I’ll cry 😉

Have a great week and Happy Valentines day to you wherever you are.

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