It’s been a while

Life has gotten in the way of me and this blog, but I don’t want to lose it, so I thought I’d better check-in.

So, since the last time I wrote, I have had a few things going on in my life which ended up making me not feel like drawing or painting. I stopped doing anything really from about last June till Christmas. And it’s quite interesting. I seemed to have been more on the ‘loose’ spectrum of painting then and I appear to have started up again a lot tighter. It wasn’t a conscious decision just how it was.

It has been very interesting noting my own evolution, and wondering why, by just not practising I actually appear to have improved?

My favourite thing to do has always been eyes, which I presume, is why I always choose faces or animals to work with.

While I love watercolour, I have found a particular amount of pleasure in working with graphite and charcoal. I initially always admired photorealism art, but then I started to not like it, seeing it more as basic copying and well, why not just take a photo – which was where I started falling love with loose watercolour. Which is fabulous for flowers and nature, and a bit with hair and stuff, but does it work with faces?

So here follow last year’s final faces, you’ll notice a bit loose in watercolour;

watercolour face
watercolour face
watercolour face
watercolour face
watercolour face
watercolour face

So, I have got back in the saddle and will update more with my next blog. Hope there is someone out in the ether looking 😉


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