Charley Speakes

Playing with Paper – watercolour, doodling, calligraphy and quilling.



Taking the Rough with the Smooth

rough with the smooth? hot press or cold press? leaves, leaf of paper, It's all so confusing.

Feeling blue, try some gold.

With all this lockdown and never seeing anyone, it can get a bit quiet? lonely? silent?

Finally, a solution to my calligraphy woes

Finally happy and found the answer to my calligraphy woes.

Ah – Doodling.

I have very little to say about doodling, except the fact that I totally adore it. Generally I have achieved very little with it, but lately I am finding I want to make it a little more 'something. Here are... Continue Reading →

Skeletons Make Me Happy ;-)

From the comfort of my settee, indoors while it's cold and raining and dark and drizzly outside, I can explore all sorts of magical things to make pretty with.

Colour – Colour Me Happy

With this lockdown, being inside when it is dreary and grey outside is not always the easiest. I have been pulling the blinds and turning on the main light at 3.30 and 4pm - that is ridiculous. So doodling and... Continue Reading →

Back to Basics

Just to start with some doodles. It's years and years since I picked up any kind of art instrument, and it feels weird, but really lovely. It's like being a kid again, I can't believe how liberating it feels. Curtains... Continue Reading →

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