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Decompression Chamber

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Selfies? Seriously why?

selfie glassI’m not quite sure when selfies became the thing. I know ten years ago a selfie was – well probably best not to go there. But taking a photo of yourself was just seen as totally vain. Not that we didn’t do it of course, but there was some kind of embarrassment about it.  Now… look on almost any instagram page and there are streams of exactly the same person posing in nearly always the same pose (because that’s their best pose).  One of my friends always Continue reading “Selfies? Seriously why?”

Selfies and Glasses


Bloody glasses – bloody selfies.

At a certain age — the need for glasses kicks in. In my case it was when I was about 16. I have always be quite naffed off about this. On the one hand they can look cute, they also give you something to hide behind, but as your eyes get worse, life gets more difficult!  Now maybe it’s natures way of being kind.  You get showered, dried off, dressed, hair done and then in a super happy mood go to put your face on.  Out comes the magnifying mirror and FFS!  Where the hell did that hair come from? When did those lines appear, how the Continue reading “Selfies and Glasses”

I am not invisible – Look!

Being invisible in a world of visible.

A few years ago a friend of mine was wailing about becoming invisible.  I didn’t understand what she meant.  She was around 50.  As I approached a similar (;-) age, I started to get what she meant.  In the past you’d walk along the street and know you were noticed. You would arrive at work and comments would be made on what you were wearing. You’d have group photos taken and you were there in the middle or reasonably near.  Then one day, Continue reading “I am not invisible – Look!”

The X Factor Generation


I started work in the days of office juniors.  I can remember after about 5 years being given the task of giving the new office junior some jobs to do. I showed him the things I had done, and he just refused to do them, saying they were beneath him and he didn’t want to do them.  And I have watched over the years as this trend has continued. Continue reading “The X Factor Generation”

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