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Everything else. Not a rant as such, but a certain point of view – if it’s the same as yours I’d love to hear, if it’s not I’d still love to hear ;-)

Just Saying!

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How Facebook costs 2 weeks holiday!

Anyone who spends much time on the computer is aware how easy it is to fanny around instead of doing what you are supposed to.

I just had a very worrying calculation. ¬†I probably spend 20 minutes in the morning looking on Facebook and twitter, same again at lunch and the same again in the evening. This is a very conservative figure. Continue reading “How Facebook costs 2 weeks holiday!”

The First Steps

So you have to start somewhere – this is it. ¬†Question! Do I walk away now and have a cup of something, or do I persevere and get the hang of this new theme? Think I’ll stick around for a bit, though not sure it’s going to be very productive, what with the batteries
running out, the light fading, the batteries on the camera dead, and my stomach making weird noises. But here are some words to play with at least.

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