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Lockdown Diary May 11 2020

Still trying to get autoplay to work, but not having much success. At least I have managed to stop the video going on to some other random videos. And looping? that just seems impossible.  Still if anyone can help I'd... Continue Reading →

Charley Speakes in Lockdown visually ;-)

So I managed to autoplay it and have just this second figured out the loop option (I think). Just wish I hadn't added the music - it is really irritating lol. Mmmm Looks like it didn't work after all -... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Diary May 08 2020 / VE Day

Today is VE Day. Quite a momentous day in Europe for so many people. As they say, we stand on the shoulders of giants. And when we compare ourselves with what was happening 75 years ago its quite striking what... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Diary May 07 2020

Are you a self-starter? Once you get an idea in your head do you get on and make it happen or sit and think about it for ages? Self-starter? me? No.  The one thing I have prided myself on for... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Diary May 05 2020

I have been staring into a black space of wall and nothingness for the longest time, and the thought that this might end

Lockdown Diary 04.05.20

I think this week will have to be the research week; which applications will work, should I join an agency site or do my own website?

Lockdown Diary 28th April

I wasn't expecting really to be furloughed, although I feel we all kinda expected it to some extent. Until last week I was still working or WFH 😉 (working from home). Strange thing was, when I was told I was... Continue Reading →

Death of the High Street

The internet is destroying civilisation as we know it.Just heard today that another major store in my town is closing down. I find this quite heartbreaking. We recently lost our Marks and Spencers, not that I bought much there but... Continue Reading →

Trolls – How do you deal with them?

What can you do about trolls? I am being trolled at the moment and am not completely sure what to do. I share admin responsibilities of a FaceBook group (I have mentioned before). A week or so ago, I deleted... Continue Reading →

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