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She-Wolves and Lady birds

Womens things. Topics more geared towards a woman’s life experience, but hey – open to any one ;-)As always I’d love to hear from you.

I am not invisible – Look!

Being invisible in a world of visible.

A few years ago a friend of mine was wailing about becoming invisible.  I didn’t understand what she meant.  She was around 50.  As I approached a similar (;-) age, I started to get what she meant.  In the past you’d walk along the street and know you were noticed. You would arrive at work and comments would be made on what you were wearing. You’d have group photos taken and you were there in the middle or reasonably near.  Then one day, Continue reading “I am not invisible – Look!”

The Menopause – they never told me it would be like this!

Puberty, Pregnancy, Sex. All of these things are talked about at length as you grow up.  In the Western world, the information out there is vast. The folklore passed on from each to their young or their peers.  But… The one thing that almost no-one talks about is the… menopause.

I had one of the biggest learning curves of my life at the age of 41, when I thought, just for a moment, that I had the flu coming on, then believed I somehow had malaria, and then Continue reading “The Menopause – they never told me it would be like this!”

Let’s talk menopause – things to avoid and to try

Time is money so let’s get down to the most annoying things that the wondrous change brings with it:

Hot flushes (US Hot flashes):

They never tell you what the menopause will bring with it. Maybe I was unlucky, maybe others don’t get those symptoms. The hot flushes (preferably called power surges), which make for an interesting nights sleep. You go to bed in the deep mid winter, naked and within 10 minutes are flinging covers off. Not so nice for a partner.  Then you are cold, then you are hot. Not just hot but sweaty, which of course Continue reading “Let’s talk menopause – things to avoid and to try”

Menopause – why don’t they ever tell you these things?

No-one ever told me!

Ok, here’s just a short tiny rant about menopause symptoms, the rant is that no bugger ever tells you all of these things:

“Your lady garden may become sparse but your new beard will keep you busy”

The downside

Mood swings, plummeting libido, dryness – I mean everything drying out, your face, your skin, your vagina. Painful intercourse, sleeplessness (weirdly always seems to be about 3 Continue reading “Menopause – why don’t they ever tell you these things?”

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