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Bullshit, backchat and clenched teeth. Well most of us have to work in the life, and this is where the work related posts get put. They are mostly personal points
of view but I have worked for quite a long time now, so have quite a few points of view to share. And would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the matters too.

How Facebook costs 2 weeks holiday!

Anyone who spends much time on the computer is aware how easy it is to fanny around instead of doing what you are supposed to.

I just had a very worrying calculation.  I probably spend 20 minutes in the morning looking on Facebook and twitter, same again at lunch and the same again in the evening. This is a very conservative figure. Continue reading “How Facebook costs 2 weeks holiday!”

Qualifications -Why do they matter so much? Part 2

Arriving mid 30s with just one GCSE makes for an interesting time of it.

Changing the rules

I entered into a profession that accepted me with the skills I had, not the qualifications I had. Until one day my boss called me in and said a new ruling had been introduced and that now all employees had to have a certain level of education to remain, otherwise I would not have a job in the next few years and she was very sorry about this.  I really enjoyed my job at the time, so bit the bullet and went and got me the further qualification as well as a master’s degree. Continue reading “Qualifications -Why do they matter so much? Part 2”

Qualifications – Why do they matter so much?

I left school at 16 with a few CSEs.  I hated school with a passion, I had wanted to be a hairdresser since I was 4 and I didn’t need to stay on at school for that.  This was back during the 70s. I did not know one single person who went to University, not one. A couple of kids at school went to college, about five.

I started work in an office. I did the office junior thing, and worked hard, and got promoted.

Here’s a thing.

  • In 1970 about 50,000 graduated
  • in 1980 about 90,000 graduated
  • 2011 about 350,000 graduated!
  • and 2015 about 450,000!

Continue reading “Qualifications – Why do they matter so much?”

The X Factor Generation


I started work in the days of office juniors.  I can remember after about 5 years being given the task of giving the new office junior some jobs to do. I showed him the things I had done, and he just refused to do them, saying they were beneath him and he didn’t want to do them.  And I have watched over the years as this trend has continued. Continue reading “The X Factor Generation”

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