Having a point of view sometimes get you viewed as opinionated. That kinda pisses me off.  If we don’t have opinions then who are we? what is the point of a voice or a mind if not to express yourself? You don’t have to have a soldiers vernacular (like me) but an opinion is a wonderful thing. I always get the feeling that someone who won’t express themselves is being passive aggressive.

I have been writing for other people for nigh on 20 years, newspapers, magazines, educational magazines, blogs etc etc, but ‘for other people’.  When you write for a newspaper or magazine you have a voice that is controlled, edited and channelled. So this is my magazine where I shall voice my feelings. Eclectic, possibly controversial, probably opinionated, leaning to the left but with some strong right to balance it.

My name is Charley, that’s the shortened version, and it’s been my name since I was 7.  I’m at that age where you question your own existence. Anyway, Charley Speakes – that’s me, and this is my new home for ideas and thoughts about where life seems to be going – albeit (grown up word there) a bit too fast for my liking!  Your opinions (as long as not spammy or abusive) are very welcome, I’d love to hear from you.

If you want to get in touch – do your bit below.