Charley Speakes

Playing with Paper – watercolour, doodling, calligraphy and quilling.


Charley Speakes

With recent events, life has a funny way of changing drastically on a sixpence. So, while below is correct, I am focussing more on art now. I'm a blogger, some time journalist and writer; quietly confronting the frustrations and challenges in a world of confusion, apathy and facades.

Skeletons Make Me Happy ;-)

From the comfort of my settee, indoors while it's cold and raining and dark and drizzly outside, I can explore all sorts of magical things to make pretty with.

Write Me Happy – Playing with Calligraphy

So, as I said the other day, this is all about paper. Another of my passions - although this is new, is calligraphy. It's something I have always admired and tried to do similar to. But because I never actually... Continue Reading →

Colour – Colour Me Happy

With this lockdown, being inside when it is dreary and grey outside is not always the easiest. I have been pulling the blinds and turning on the main light at 3.30 and 4pm - that is ridiculous. So doodling and... Continue Reading →

Back to Basics

Just to start with some doodles. It's years and years since I picked up any kind of art instrument, and it feels weird, but really lovely. It's like being a kid again, I can't believe how liberating it feels. Curtains... Continue Reading →

A Change in Direction

We all hit watersheds in our lives, and goodness knows, COVID19 has thrown quite a few of them up in the air. I've always enjoyed craft and art, and have dipped in and out of doing them for more years... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Diary May 11 2020

Still trying to get autoplay to work, but not having much success. At least I have managed to stop the video going on to some other random videos. And looping? that just seems impossible.  Still if anyone can help I'd... Continue Reading →

Charley Speakes in Lockdown visually ;-)

So I managed to autoplay it and have just this second figured out the loop option (I think). Just wish I hadn't added the music - it is really irritating lol. Mmmm Looks like it didn't work after all -... Continue Reading →

Trying to Keep Productive – But the sun is shining.

Typing Typing Typing Typing Typing Typing

Lockdown Diary May 08 2020 / VE Day

Today is VE Day. Quite a momentous day in Europe for so many people. As they say, we stand on the shoulders of giants. And when we compare ourselves with what was happening 75 years ago its quite striking what... Continue Reading →

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