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Charley Speakes

I'm a blogger, some time journalist and writer; quietly confronting the frustrations and challenges in a world of confusion, apathy and facades. I generally write about the world in general, women's stuff, work and all those other things that drive us nuts.

Death of the High Street

The internet is destroying civilisation as we know it.Just heard today that another major store in my town is closing down. I find this quite heartbreaking. We recently lost out Marks and Spencers, not that I bought much there but... Continue Reading →

Just Saying

Taking Back Control (of my social media)

So I had really good intentions for the beginning of the year to stop myself using social media quite so much, I calculated in the end that effectively I lost a day a week to social media, sounds ridiculous doesn't... Continue Reading →

Breaking Up With My Devices

I know me and mine decided to watch it. We went for a meal. I started thinking about it at the end of the week and had absolutely no idea whether or not

The X Factor CV

As someone involved in recruitment I have noticed a really interesting trend.  I’d be really interested in what other recruiters think to this. It’s what I call the X factor generation application.  It has got to the point I can... Continue Reading →

Trolls – How do you deal with them?

What can you do about trolls? I am being trolled at the moment and am not completely sure what to do. I share admin responsibilities of a FaceBook group (I have mentioned before). A week or so ago, I deleted... Continue Reading →

Shut the Internet Down

How long have you been using the internet? Has it changed in that time? Leave a comment, I'm really interested. At the end is a link to something that has just come up on the BBC that really underlines this... Continue Reading →

Taking Back Control – One Week Down

8th March - One week gone. Failed twice but succeeded twelve times 😉 Have done a whole week of only vegetarian and no alcohol EXCEPT Friday, when the lovely one wanted to cook meat, and so decided to slightly changed... Continue Reading →

Pat on the back

I'll bet yours is bigger than mine, but hey yeah I'll take this. I got this little badge today. I imagine a lot of you have got much bigger ones than this. I am proud of it because this is... Continue Reading →

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