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Playing with Paper – watercolour, doodling, calligraphy and quilling.


Charley Speakes

With recent events, life has a funny way of changing drastically on a sixpence. So, while below is correct, I am focussing more on art now. I'm a blogger, some time journalist and writer; quietly confronting the frustrations and challenges in a world of confusion, apathy and facades.

A Great Big Melting Pot

So I have been fannying around, going from YouTube tute to YouTube tute. I have paid for a few classes, some excellent, some total pants. Kerrie Woodhouse - brilliant - if you want to know the utter pants rubbish one, write to me and I'll let you know šŸ˜‰

With a Cherry on Top

So I have lots of different types of paper, as kept listening to everyone who all give different advice ;-).

Floppy Flowers or Looser Watercolours

Following tutorials is all well and good but once you've finished you are finished. If anyone knows a good online watercolour course that won't break the bank, please let me know.

Staying by the sea

rough or not? More seascapes.

Pebbles and Sand

Want to see my failures? Have a look here, bloody masking tape!

Taking the Rough with the Smooth

rough with the smooth? hot press or cold press? leaves, leaf of paper, It's all so confusing.

Feeling blue, try some gold.

With all this lockdown and never seeing anyone, it can get a bit quiet? lonely? silent?

Finally, a solution to my calligraphy woes

Finally happy and found the answer to my calligraphy woes.

Ah – Doodling.

I have very little to say about doodling, except the fact that I totally adore it. Generally I have achieved very little with it, but lately I am finding I want to make it a little more 'something. Here are... Continue Reading →

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